Encyclopedia Brunoniana


Dust was a short-lived student publication of two issues only in January and May of 1934, described in the first issue as “an experiment printed by the editors under the tutelage of E. A. Johnson Printing Company. It is an attempt to furnish an outlet for the creative work of those connected with Brown, Pembroke, and the Rhode Island School of Design.” The editors were Edward N. Robinson, Jr. ’34, and Tyler Micoleau ’37. The first issue contained three stories, one of them by editor Robinson, two poems by Winfield Townley Scott ’31, and a wood-engraving by Micoleau; also inconspicuous typeset advertisements running at the bottoms of the pages. The second issue appeared in large format and featured four stories, one by David Cornel DeJong, several poems, linoleum cuts by Rhode Island School of Design students, and two full page cigarette ads. This issue was the end of the experiment, as there were no more printed.