Encyclopedia Brunoniana

College Hill Independent

The College Hill Independent, a weekly newspaper published by students of Brown University and the Rhode Island School of Design, made its first appearance on February 1, 1990. Its beginning was described in the first issue: “Our newspaper started in November when five students met at The Gate. All had been thinking about starting a new paper for some time ...” A group of seven formed a “constituting committee” and decided that their paper should be “a workshop in putting together a newspaper for interested contributors, that it tie together trends that affect the Brown community, that it preview upcoming events as well as reviewing past events, and that it provide Brown students an opportunity to explore the environment outside their campus.” The handful of students decided that in accordance with their last goal, they would eventually inquire about including RISD students on their staff. Amazingly, RISD approached them first. The venture became a project of the two schools – with a single staff comprised of students from both schools.”