Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Center for Old World Archaeology and Art

The Center for Old World Archaeology and Art was founded in 1978 to bring together the scholars with this common interest from the Departments of Classics, Art, History, Religious Studies, and Egyptology. R. Ross Holloway, professor of classics and authority on ancient art and the archaeology of the Bronze age, was named director of the Center. Others connected with the center include Professor Rudolf Winkes, historian of ancient Roman art, Alan Boegehold, professor of classics, and associate professor Martha Sharp Joukowsky, who teaches field methodology. In 1982 the Center undertook field work in Sicily with the excavation of a site of the Castelluccian Culture at la Muculufa. The Center publishes its own series, Archaeologia Transatlantica and Kerkyra, and sponsors conferences and colloquia. The Center has been described as β€œthe major institution in the United States for the study of non-Etruscan indigenous Italy.” The building at 70 Waterman Street, was fitted out for the Center through the generosity of Artemis Joukowsky ’55 and Martha Sharp Joukowsky ’58.