Encyclopedia Brunoniana


The Caduceus was the publication of Gamma Nu, a non-secret society. It was first published in December 1865 as an alternative to the Brown Paper, which was the annual publication of the secret societies. Its first page listed the faculty, the members of Phi Beta Kappa, Gamma Nu and the “Oudens,” a group of non-society men, along with the literary societies, the Philermenian Society and the United Brothers. After a lapse of three years, another issue of the Caduceus appeared in December 1868. In the meantime, the Philermenian and United Brothers societies had ceased to exist, and Gamma Nu had become a chapter of Delta Upsilon, a non-secret fraternity. In 1870 the Caduceus appeared in magazine form with a literary department added. The issue of 1871 and the final issue in 1872 were published by Delta Upsilon and Wayland Literary Societies.