Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Bohl, Leighton T.

Leighton Teeterick Bohl (1889-1971), professor of engineering, was born in Osceolo, Ohio, on July 23, 1889. He received the degree of bachelor of science in civil engineering from Brown in 1913. After a few months with the American Locomotive Company, he was instructor in civil engineering at Brown from 1913 to 1917, when he left to join the army. After several years of employment by engineering firms, he returned to Brown in 1922 as assistant professor of civil engineering, becoming associate professor in 1924 and professor in 1929. He served temporarily as department head during World War II. In 1945 he was head of a YMCA program to train returning veterans. He served the community on the state Board of Registration of Land Surveyors and Engineers and on the commission to revise the Providence building code. In 1950 he was a consultant for the city of Newport in the investigation of the construction of a seawall. He retired in 1955. He died on June 1, 1971 in Providence.