Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Ambassadors and ministers

Ambassadors and ministers to foreign countries have included Brown men since the early nineteenth century, among them: Jonathan Russell 1791, ambassador to Sweden and Norway; Henry Wheaton 1802, minister to Prussia; Christopher Robinson 1825, minister to Peru; George Van Ness Lothrop 1838, minister to Russia; Lewis Richmond 1842, minister to Portugal; Samuel Sullivan Cox 1846, minister to Turkey; James Burrill Angell 1849, minister to China and Turkey; John Hay 1858, ambassador to Great Britain; John Meredith Read 1858, minister to Greece; Frederick M. Sackett 1890, ambassador to Germany; Leland Howard Littlefield 1892, ambassador to Great Britain; Noble B. Judah ’04, ambassador to Cuba; Ely E. Palmer ’08, ambassador to Afghanistan; Roy Tasco Davis ’10, minister to Guatemala and Costa Rica, and Panama; Warren Randolph Burgess ’12, ambassador to NATO; Dana Gardner Munro ’12, minister to Haiti; Willard L. Beaulac ’20, ambassador to Paraguay, Columbia, Cuba, Chile, and Argentina; John J. Muccio ’21, ambassador to Korea, Iceland, and Guatemala; Will Mercer Cook A.M.’31, ambassador to Niger and Senegal; Clinton E. Knox A.M.’31, ambassador to Dahomey; Thomas J. Watson, Jr. ’37, ambassador to the U.S.S.R.; Taylor G. Belcher ’41, ambassador to Cyprus; William H. Sullivan ’43, ambassador to Laos; and Nathaniel Davis ’46, ambassador to Guatemala.