Encyclopedia Brunoniana

Alumni House

Alumni House was a nineteenth century dwelling (the White residence) at 17 Benevolent Street into which the Alumni Offices moved in September 1947. They had formerly been in University Hall. The house on the corner of Brown and Benevolent Streets also housed the Placement Office, the Housing and Development Campaign Office, and, in the rear ell, the Buildings and Grounds Department with an entrance at 24 Benevolent Street. The house was razed for the Keeney Quadrangle. The next Alumni House was at 59 George Street. From 1970 to 1974 the house at 159 George Street was Alumni House. In 1974 the Alumni offices moved into the Maddock Alumni Center. The building at 59 George Street was occupied by the Department of Religious Studies in 1970 and named Steiger House in 1984 in recognition of the generosity of W. Sheldon Steiger ’34. The building at 159 George Street, now Meiklejohn House, houses the education department.