Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • George Ide Chace (1808-1885), professor of many subjects and president "ad interim" in 1867-68, was born on February 19, 1808 in Lancaster, Massachusetts, where he lived on a farm.Chace, George Ide
  • Abiel Bolles 1808 and Jasper Adams 1815 were president of the College of Charleston.College and University Presidents
  • Horatio Balch Hackett (1808-1875), professor of Hebrew and classical literature, was born in Salisbury, Massachusetts, on December 27, 1808.Hackett, Horatio B.
  • Adoniram Judson closed his school in August of 1808 and set out on a tour of the northern states.Judson, Adoniram
  • The son of a farmer, William L. Marcy studied at Leicester Academy and graduated from Brown in 1808.Marcy, William L.
  • Among the founding members of the society were William L. Marcy 1808, Dutee J. Pearce 1808, Jonathan Going 1809, and Daniel Frost 1808.United Brothers
  • The buildings were named for two Brown presidents and seven alumni, among them two Secretaries of State, three professors, a public health superintendent, and the man who led the Housing and Development campaign to finance the Quadrangle: Marcy House for William Learned Marcy 1808, Governor of New York, Secretary of War, and Secretary of State, Olney House for Richard Olney 1856, Attorney General and Secretary of State, Goddard House for William Giles Goddard 1812, newspaper editor and professor of moral philosophy and belles-lettres, Diman House for Jeremiah Lewis Diman 1851, professor of history and political economy, Sears House for Barnas Sears 1825, president from 1855 to 1867, Wayland House for Francis Wayland, president from 1827 to 1855, Chapin House for Charles V. Chapin 1876, professor of physiology, and superintendent of health in Providence, Harkness House for Albert Harkness 1842, professor of Greek, and Buxton House for G. Edward Buxton ’02, chairman of the Housing and Development Campaign which built the Quadrangle.Wriston Quadrangle