Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Zachariah Allen (1795-1882), scientist and inventor, was born in Providence on September 15, 1795.Allen, Zachariah
  • Morgan Edwards (1722-1795), prime mover in the founding of Brown University, was born in Wales on May 9, 1722, of Episcopalian parents.Edwards, Morgan
  • Morgan Edwards died at Pencader, Newcastle County, Delaware, on January 28, 1795.Edwards, Morgan
  • It was built for the First Congregational Church in 1723 and served as the Town House from 1795 to 1860, when it was torn down.Junior and Senior Exhibitions
  • There was renewed interest in French in 1795 when the Corporation appointed a committee to arrange for a proper master to teach the French language.Modern Languages
  • In 1795 the Corporation voted its thanks to Mr. Jones Welch of Boston for "a preserved bird called the Curlieu of Cayenne, and a Calabash curiously wrought by the natives of Cayenne, to be deposited in the Museum."Museum of Natural History
  • President Maxcy, in a letter to Richard Furman on October 26, 1795, wrote, "This College is still without a "name."Name
  • The Corporation had passed a resolution at its meeting in September 1795 that a gift of $6,000 previous to the next Commencement would entitle the donor to name the college, but no donor was forthcoming at this time.Name