Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Benjamin West was appointed professor of mathematics and astronomy in 1786, but did not begin to teach until 1788.Astronomy
  • The volume also contains the names of the actors, all members of the classes of 1786 through 1788, in what seems to have been an afterpiece to the performance of Edward Young’s play, "The Revenge."Dramatics
  • In 1788 Solomon Drowne traveled to Ohio to join other veterans of the Revolution in the settling of Marietta.Drowne, Solomon
  • Adoniram Judson (1788-1850), the first foreign missionary from America, was born in Malden, Massachusetts, on August 9, 1788, the son of a Congregational minister.Judson, Adoniram
  • Usher Parsons (1788-1868), professor of anatomy and surgery in the early medical school, was born in Alfred, Maine, on August 18, 1788.Parsons, Usher
  • In 1788 the problem was again Commencement, when the graduating class, learning that all the members of the Corporation in attendance were to be given seats on the stage and fearing that there would not be room for the graduates, sent a polite petition that they should be seated on the stage as other classes before them.Student protests
  • Benjamin Waterhouse continued in this position until 1791, and prior to 1788 delivered the first course of lectures on the subject of natural history in the United States at the State House in Providence.Waterhouse, Benjamin
  • In 1786 Benjamin West was appointed professor of mathematics and astronomy at Rhode Island College, an appointment which was in fact a lectureship and which he did not take up until 1788, after he returned from a year of teaching mathematics at the Protestant Episcopal Academy in Philadelphia.West, Benjamin