Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • In 1779 David Howell resigned, writing to the Corporation, "Having at length given over all hopes of a revival of classical instruction in this College during the continuance of the war, and not feeling disposed so far to take advantage of public munificence as to continue to avail myself of the emoluments of an office without discharging its duties, I have thought fit, not without weighty deliberation, to resign the professorship."Howell, David
  • On April 29, 1779 he left Providence with Mrs. Manning, and traveled to Philadelphia, visiting relatives in New York and New Jersey, preaching in churches along the way, and returning to Providence on September 29, at which time he wrote in his journal, "Reached Providence at six o’clock, the road better than usual; being just five months to an hour absent from home."Manning, James
  • David Howell had resigned as professor in 1779, leaving the College with no faculty other than the president.Manning, James