Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • College Street was laid out in 1772.Campus
  • Nov. Anglorum, ab Anno 1769, ad Annum 1772, alicujus Gradus Laurea donati sunt," which was a list of baccalaureate and honorary graduates.Catalogues
  • In 1772 at a town meeting in Providence, it was decided that the term "all taxes" applied only to taxes due to the Colony and the town tax was collected from the president and one professor for the next two years.Charter
  • In 1772 six of the seven graduates of 1769 were awarded Master of Arts degrees.Degrees
  • Morgan Edwards moved to Newark, Delaware, in 1772.Edwards, Morgan
  • President Manning thought about an international lottery in 1772 when he wrote to an English friend to inquire if a lottery to raise one or two thousand pounds would meet with encouragement in England.Fund-raising
  • James Manning, in a letter to Thomas Llewelyn, February 21, 1772, stated, "At present we have but about two hundred and fifty volumes and those not well chosen, being such as our friends could best spare."Library
  • Twenty-seven of these volumes had been received in 1771 from student Joseph Dolbeare Russell 1772, an assortment which included among their subjects philosophy, algebra, histories of Scotland and Iceland, and eight volumes of the "Spectator."Library
  • In 1772 the executors of John Gill, biblical commentator, of London, added to the library all his published works plus 52 volumes of other religious works.Library
  • Ebenezer David 1772 was a chaplain in Colonel Varnum’s regiment and died after his discharge in 1778.Revolutionary War
  • William Rogers was called to succeed Morgan Edwards as pastor of the Baptist Church there and was ordained on May 31, 1772.Rogers, William
  • Student Housing became available with the completion in 1772 of the second floor of University Hall, where the students took up residence above their classrooms.Student housing
  • In 1772 the Latin School was conducted in the College Edifice.University Grammar School
  • Ebenezer David 1772 was put in charge of the school which had twenty students in 1773.University Grammar School
  • Lawrence C. Wroth, in his unpublished manuscript, "The Construction of the College Edifice, 1770-1772, described the ensuing plans: In 1883 the interior of the building was renovated with the help of the funds left over from the building of Slater Hall.University Hall