Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • The act was signed and sealed by the Governor, Samuel Ward, and the Secretary, Edward Thurston, at Newport on October 24, 1765.Charter
  • On November 12, 1765 a committee of the Corporation authorized that a copy of the Charter on parchment be made and deposited with the president and also that a tin box to keep it in be procured.Charter
  • Enrollment in 1765 consisted of one student, William Rogers from Newport, who entered on the third of September, one day before the second annual meeting of the Corporation.Enrollment
  • A "matriculation roll" in the hand of James Manning lists 29 students who arrived between 1765 and 1769.Enrollment
  • Faculty of one (President James Manning) was enough to instruct a student body of one (William Rogers) in 1765.Faculty
  • The second meeting of the Corporation was held one year later, on September 5, 1765.Founding
  • Fund-raising for the College began at the first meeting of the Corporation in 1765, when the members present subscribed $1,992.Fund-raising
  • There he conducted a Latin school and, after he was named president of the College in September 1765, students of the College met in the Warren parsonage along with the Latin school students.Location
  • In September 1765 James Manning was elected the first president of Rhode Island College.Manning, James
  • William Rogers enrolled on September 3, 1765, the day before the second annual meeting of the Corporation, at which James Manning was elected president.Rogers, William
  • A Seal for the College was ordered after the second annual meeting of the Corporation in 1765.Seal
  • In May 1765 Hezekiah Smith became the pastor of the Baptist Church in Haverhill, Massachusetts.Smith, Hezekiah
  • The first mention of a college building is found in Hezekiah Smith’s diary in which he reports on September 5, 1765, on the second annual meeting of the Corporation, "I was with the Corporation at Newport which sat upon the College business, and was elected one of the Fellows of the College.University Hall