Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • That year Carl Bridenbaugh's book, "Cities in the Wilderness: The First Century of Urban Life in America: 1625-1742," was awarded the Justin Winsor prize by the American Historical Association for the best book by a young scholar on the history of the Americas.Bridenbaugh, Carl
  • Perez Fobes (1742-1812), professor of natural philosophy and vice-president of the College in 1786, was born in Bridgewater, Massachusetts, on September 21, 1742, one of twelve children.Fobes, Perez
  • Stephen Hopkins moved to Scituate as a child and engaged in farming there until he returned to live in Providence in 1742.Hopkins, Stephen
  • Stephen Hopkins served as town clerk from 1732 to 1741 and president of the town council from 1735 to 1742.Hopkins, Stephen