Encyclopedia Brunoniana


  • Woman athletes acquired "points," which entitled them to awards, as a white blazer with a letter "P" for 1600 points, and a class numeral for a lesser number varying from 600 to 750.Athletics
  • In 1865 Bartlett prepared an edition of fifty copies of the first part of "A Catalogue of Books relating to North and South America in the Library of John Carter Brown, of Providence, R.I.," which included selected titles of works printed between 1493 and 1600.John Carter Brown Library
  • When Ivan Fuqua, a member of the record-breaking 1600-meter relay team in the 1932 Olympics and former coach at the University of Connecticut, came to Brown in 1946, he was assured that a new field house and track would soon be built.Track
  • Teri Smith ’91 set indoor and outdoor records in the 200 meter dash in 1989, and in 1991 won the 200 and 400 meter dashes and anchored the relay team which set a new 1600 meter relay record.Track